thankful to my God

Dear Father God,I am so thankful and greatful to you for you giving me,my families and friends a brand new day,thank you Lord for everything into my life and there’s, Lord now I ask you lead us and guide us only into you will and plan you have for our lives, Holy Spirit to be all you made us to be to trust you Lord to do your will in my and there lives, we give you all the glory, honor,and praise, we will do all things through Jesus Christ our Lord.Manifest your self in us o Lord our Father and God.I love you Lord I am depending only on you.In Jesus name I pray .Amen.You all be bless by God today and always.

He that believe…


He that believe on JESUS Christ shall have everlasting life.

PaPlanehe 95v2, Let us come before His presence with thanksgiving;let us shout joyfully to Him with  psalms.thank you Lord MY,our Father for sending you SON Jesus to died,burried and rose again ,coming back soon for your children who obeys you,believe in YOU,walking like Your Holy Spirit shows us to daily,this is Your birthday JESUS we love You ,and worship You.let us all go live and obey God and treat and love his people,that all,all,all,people like Our Savior and Lord.Love YOU JESUS.Happy birthday To Our Savior Jesus Christ.Be bless you all.Merry Christmas to you all Jesus love you all.


Psalm 21v13′;Be exalted,O Lord, in Your own strength!We will sing and praise Your power ,friends this is what Christmas and the end old the year is all about,grateful God our Father kept us all through the year,with ids love,grace,mercy,protection,favor,blessings,forgiveness provision,so many,many,many,morE.


our savior birthday

How awesome it is for us who follows Christ Jesus our Lord birthday,we celebrated this time of  year with joy ,peace and love for our Holy Lord,with thanksgiving to our Father God for sending him as a baby ,growing  like us feeling, tempted and so much pain that we can never go through or really manage like he did,He did it because he love us all so people all over remember what Christmas is really about.Christ Jesus and is sacrifice,death and resurrection,alive and coming back soon for is children’s,it good to give gifts and be around families,but God must be first and the most important one in all areas of our lives.Dear PAPA GOD thank you for loving us all and sending you Holy son,thank you Lord for all your sacrifice for us all and now alive and living  in us ,thank so much oh Lord I pray.In Jesus name I pray.Amen.Thank you Lord for hearing me your daughter.Hallulejah.Amen.God loves you all.Peace on you all.MERRY CHRISTMAS.purple

wise man

proverbs 14 v A wise  man feareth. and departeth from evil;but the fool rageth.and in confident.(15),the simple believeth every word;but the prudent man looketh well to his going.(20) The poor is hated even by his own neighbor;but the rich hath many friends. Wow we see that God knows things before it even take place and His words are so true.lets just look in our selves and start loving people God way,testing every words before we believe then and walk righetous in CHRIST JESUS.This is the one of the most blessed season lets go out and do something for those who need help ,and we continue right through the New Year,God willing,be His our Savior hands and feet.starting a new way of life and watch our God do the impossible into our lives.MERRY CHRISTMAS MY FRIENDS AND A BLESSED NEW YEAR IN ALL YOU ALL DO.PEACE OF GOD BE WITH YOU ALL.GOD LOVES YOU ALL.

Wow another year almost over what I am thankful for

Oh give Thanks to The Lord for He is good and His mercies endure forever.Praise God,I am thankful for everything,I don’ t celebrate thanksgiving ,why because that’s how I live daily and how we suppose to live every day,I am greatfull to God every day of my life that he gives me  and that how we are to live,so it not about one day out of the 365days of the year,that my prayers to you all my brothers and sister give thanks for everything every day.  Dear Lord I am so greatful to you. I have eyes to see thank you,hand that moves thank,lips that speak thank you,hear that ear thank you,all my organs working like you made to thank you,feet to walk thank you,sound mind thank,health thank, your love thank you,husband and kids thank you,protection from you thank you,provision thank you,peace,mercy,grace,love, you never leave me or forsake me thank you,Lord everything it so many I can’t mention them all I am greatful land thankfull to you alone Lord my Father.In Jesus name I pray.Amen.Have a bless thanksgiving to you all love those who you have and show them all how important they all are that what life is about not things and money,but God and families and friends and being a blessing to others.God be with you all.Jesus loves you all .Peace of God be upon you all.Happy thanksgiving to you all again.peace.

Follow righteousness always

Proverbs 21v21, He who follows righteousness and mercy finds life,righteousness and honour. Wow the benefits we receive when we read God words Obey and do it awesome God we serve.Lord our Father we follow your ways forever thank you Lord, thank you for hearing my prayer Father.In Jesus Name.Amen.Have a bless thanksgiving. God peace and love be with you all

Thanksgiving week

Proverbs. 22v 9: He who has a generous eye will be blessed,for he gives of his bread to the poor. This is what these holiday are all about ,think of some one less fortunate ,give the some of what God blessed us with and this my friend will be the greatest holiday for us all.share your love not just with your families. You see God gave us so much love we can give to many others,and the more we give it away the more it comes back to us,so this thanksgiving and Christmas find some on the street in your church,neighborhood,enemies and do some thing good for each other and watch the joy ,peace and more love you will feel from God your FATHER.Happy thanksgiving to all people,Gods blessings be upon you all in this blessed season.Live bless be a blessing to others daily.The peace of God be upon you all.God loved you all.

Don’t stress yourselves for the holiday season


Be anxious for nothing by in everything with prayer and thanksgiving,your request be made known unto God. Look at all the Lord has done for you all your lives and especially this year.He protects,He provided,He keep you,He love you and is always there for you ,if you call ,even when we forget to give him thanks and be greatful to Him for everything,His love is still there holding and keeping us all.So be greatful and thankful this year for all,all,all,things,don’t stress God is too good.God peace be upon you all,He loves you all.

God gave us all the measure of faith in Him:

Romans 12v3;   God hath dealt to every man the measure of faith. Wow there is no more excuses for all people now to say the can’t believe in Christ Jesus.God have given all,all,all,of us His faith to believe in we are the ones with the final say.He force no man,He gave us a free will to what we choose to believe is very important,all our desions have a reward,good or bad it up us all,so think careful heaven or hell ,and yes there is a hell believe it or not there is. Just encouraging you to take this precious life God our Father has given us seriously,and obey Him and walk according to how he tells and show us in His words.He loves us ,trust Him. Wow what a awesome God we serve.thanks you guys for reading my post be bless God loves you all.The peace of God be with you all.God willing we talk tomorrow.